Northern Lights in the East

The Northern Lights made a marvellous visit to the east

It's not every night we get the pleasure to see the Aurora Borealis here in east of Norway. Actually it does appear more often than most people are aware of, but it's rarely a "spectacular show". The few times we get Northern Lights, it's normally visible in the northern sky. 

Two weeks ago we had a spectacular night, better than any I have ever seen here in the east. The lights where dansing above is and we even got a touch of purple Aurora in the sky. To make the night even better, there was no wind, giving beautiful reflections in the lakes. 

Whenever we get a visit from miss Aurora, that becomes the only thought in my head. It doesn't matter if the show lasts until 3am or later, it's such a rare event that sacrificing some sleep is well worth it even though you know it will be a long day at work tomorrow! 


As you see, you don't have to go to Iceland, Northern Norway or Alaska to see some magic in the sky. Keep updated with the Aurora Forecast and maybe you will be able to see it close to your home as well! 

Sometimes Aurora is a bad planner though. Supposedly she is supposed to dance quite nicely tonight. Will we be able to see it? Nope. Overcast and rain is coming.. I wish they could plan a little better together! 

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