Mysterious Iceland

Iceland has always been a country that's been close to my heart. Being part Icelandic, I've had the pleasure of traveling to the beautiful island to visit family since I was a little kid. For the last several years, though, my purpose of visiting is no longer just to visit the family but also to photograph the incredible landscapes found here.

While the well-known locations are popular for a reason, I've been more drawn towards the no-name landscapes and dramatic atmosphere that describes the island. In this miniseries, the mysterious atmosphere is exactly what I've focused on.

Mysterious Iceland, 2019

Mysterious Iceland II, 2019

Tunnel Vision, 2019

Gotham, 2019

Frozen Layers, 2017

Frozen in Flight, 2017

Cold Lines, 2017

Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed this collection of images and perhaps even got inspired to grab your camera and head out. You can find more of my images on Instagram or visit CaptureLandscapes to learn everything I know about Landscape Photography.

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