I'm Christian Hoiberg, an internationally awarded Norwegian Landscape Photographer. Nature and photography is my way to disconnect and I love bringing you along to the known and unknown locations I visit on this journey.

During the winter season I spend most of my time guiding photography workshops in the picturesque areas of Northern Norway and the Arctic Borders. You’ll also find me guiding in Greenland and the Faroe Islands and a few other picturesque areas during the year. When I’m not on a tour I’m most likely pressing buttons on the keyboard, trying to formulate tutorials and content for my website CaptureLandscapes, where I aim to help you develop the skills needed to improve your photography. I’m also a regular contributor for Digital Photography School and occasionally share content on websites such as PetaPixel and DIYPhotography.

I’ve had my photography published in various magazines and online publications such as NPhoto Magazine, Digital Photographer, Landscape Photography Magazine, CameraPixio and Resource Travel.

My images and/or content have also been licensed to several private and commercial clients such as Adobe, Manfrotto, GoreTex, Heinemann, Synology and BenQ for various purposes.


My passion for photography started at the age of 15, when I bought my first DSLR camera after working at a electronic retailer. Just like most people, I began photography without having a understanding of the camera, and happily used the "automatic" settings. For years I took pictures just for fun but eventually I felt the urge to improve and understand how to properly use the camera. After learning manual mode and how to get the best out of the camera my passion grew even bigger and I realised that this is what I want to do with my life. Since then I've been chasing my dream and shaping the life which makes me happy.

In January 2016 I founded CaptureLandscapes, a website where I teach you the skills needed to improve your photography through high-quality landscape photography tutorials. Today tens of thousands of people have taken the first step to improve their photography with CaptureLandscapes and some of the biggest names in the industry have contributed with content. 

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