Earlier this week I decided to get back up in the local mountains, and shoot some typical places from my town. These old cabins and water filtration systems are iconic, and it was obvious I needed to get a shot here. As always, the forecast disagreed with the actual weather. Driving up I got hit by one of the most powerful hailstorms I've seen in a while, so it wasn't a option to start going out yet. Luckily I was with a friend, and the soccer World Championship was on radio, so we had some entertainment until the rain stopped. The skies cleared up quick and after a nice hike we go to the place planned. Walking around for a while boxing with the mosquitos and complaining about the ineffective mosquito spray, I came across this place where everything was perfect. The low sun gently touching the trees and cliffs, the slightly pink sky and the cool water.

EXIF and techniques used is given under the image.

Kongens dam glowing at Golden Hour

Kongens dam glowing at Golden Hour

241 seconds | f/11 | ISO100 | 16mm | Nikon D800

Processed in LR5 and Photoshop CS6
I start with correcting tonality and exposure in Lightroom, adding some contrast and decreasing whites. Add some vibrance and clarity and enable profile corrections. 
In photoshop I use luminosity masking to add contrast through curves, add slightly more vibrance at selected areas and correct color balance to how it was through my eyes. I also painted in Orton effect and some detail enchantments at some places where I felt it was needed. As always I quit by sharpening for web. 

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