Waterfall in Kongsberg

Being back home in my town, means to start exploring local areas that I've never given attention to before. Whenever I ask people what's a trademark for our town, everyone says the waterfall/river splitting the town. Googling the waterfall to see what kind of images was already taken, I found that most of the shot's were pretty much the same, taken from the path way on the other side of the river. I decided to find a new angle, a less shot angle, and went under the bridge. Besides the normal boxing match with midges, I had a great time shooting in my town. 

EXIF and techniques used is given under the image. 

Laagen river running through Kongsberg

Laagen river running through Kongsberg

Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: Nikkor 16-35mm
Filters: Circular Polarizer, Lee 0.9ND Grad, Lee Big Stopper
EXIF: f/11, 332 seconds, ISO100

Using Luminosity masking I did small adjustments in "curves" and "Saturation". Adjustment in Color Balance to get the colours more like it was. Sharpening of rocks and some of the bridge & buildings. 

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