Peekaboo Mt. Rainier

Peekaboo Mt. Rainier

Visiting familiar places

12 years after spending two years of my childhood in Seattle, I finally got the chance to go back. Spending the first couple days with my parents, tapping in to old memories and finding all the old places we used to love, photography wasn't the top priority. Mt. Rainier, one of my all time favorite mountains, was high on the list to visit. Spending roughly one day up in the beautiful surroundings, I did manage to get some decent shots, even tho the light and sky was awful. 

We got up to Myrtle Falls, a waterfall with perfect natural framing and the mighty Mt. Rainier shining in it's beauty right behind. But again, the clouds were thick and barely revealing the mountain at all. After playing peekaboo with Mt. Rainier for a while, she revealed her beauty for about 30 seconds, just enough to get in a couple shots. 

EXIF and post processing details are found under the picture. 

Low clouds revealing Mt. Rainier behind Myrtle Falls

Low clouds revealing Mt. Rainier behind Myrtle Falls

Tips & Tricks

EXIF: ISO100 - f/11 - 1/8 sec

I started processing in Lightroom where I as always enabled Profile Corrections and Remove Chromatic Aberration. To get some information out of the blown sky, I pulled down the highlights and increased the shadows a little. I also added a small curves adjustment before opening in Photoshop. 

Normally I would blend multiple images using Luminosity Masking, but since I'm traveling and don't have my mouse and drawing pad, as well as no good lower exposure because of conditions, I decided to work just with one exposure. I was able to get the information in the sky needed by lowering the highlights and enhancing details in Photoshop. I also painted in a small Orton Effect in some areas of the image. 

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