Welcome to Spain!

After less than 7 hours in Spain I was treated with a stunning sunset! 

Those of you who follow me across various social medias may have picked up that I am currently visiting northern Spain. You may also know that I spent one year living here, and that my girlfriend still lives here. So this trip is a mix between relaxation with my girlfriend and friends and traveling along the coast to photograph. 

My flight to Bilbao was just on schedule, even though the caption talked about headwind and a delay. Mila met me on the airport and we picked up the rental car. After arriving the flat in Santander we barely had time for lunch before Mila headed of to school. What else can I do then go photographing when she is away? The weather was promising so I got in the car and headed out to one of my favorite places in the nearby area, Los Urros (Liencres). 

I arrived roughly an hour before sunset, hoping to find some compositions I have missed on earlier visits. Climbing down to the cliffs was out of the picture, as the tide was on it's highest at this time, unfortunately. 

The weather reminded me a lot about the conditions I got on my first visit her almost two years ago, which resulted in one of the most amazing sunsets I've seen. I had this in mind while setting up for some shots, as I knew it will be over within few minutes. 

Normally I try not shooting directly at the sun, but with the soft clouds and sea fog covering the sun it created a rather magical mood. I found a pretty interesting composition I haven't seen before, at least not tried before, and fired of some shots while the sun slowly was going down.

My setup while the sun was setting over Liencres, Spain

My setup while the sun was setting over Liencres, Spain

Lowering your perspective can often make some really interesting compositions, which I found in the spot above. It may not show on the picture above, but there were some really nice lines leading straight into the cliffs. 

Behind the scenes at Los Urros, Spain

Behind the scenes at Los Urros, Spain

I spent some time around this area, and on the cliff to the left. While sitting in a deep squatting position taking pictures the sky all of the sudden changed. Out of nowhere the pink I was hoping for arrived. It came much earlier than I had imagined, so I wasn't nearly ready for it yet. But it's not like you can tell the sunset to wait 10 minutes because now is a bad timing.. I grabbed my gear and ran up to a cliff on my right. I wanted to capture two beautiful rocks in this sunset, but I hadn't even got the chance to find my composition yet! Luckily I've been here many times before so I knew where to look, and sure enough I found one I liked quickly. Keeping in mind that the colors might disappear any minute I naturally got stressed, but I managed to keep it together and do everything properly so I would get the best possible results. 

When beauty reveal itself in front of me like this, I know that I truly am passionate about photography. I don't think words can describe the feelings I get when enjoying such a view and taking pictures of it. My smile really expands itself from ear to ear at these moments, I must look crazy! 

As I thought, the colors disappeared between five and ten minutes after arriving. This was enough for me to capture the shots I wanted, and I was extremely pleased with the results. 

Since I'm traveling now, I don't have a calibrated monitor and the tools I prefer for post processing. I just have my MacBook Pro to edit on, so I will wait until getting home to Norway before properly processing my images from this trip. I might do a couple quick edits, it is after all very hard to just keep them on the HDD teasing me! 

Tomorrow we are hitting the roads and driving to some truly epic landscapes and seascapes around Asturias until Monday. I'm very excited to visit both new and old locations along this amazing coast.!

Quickly processed image from Liencres, Spain

Quickly processed image from Liencres, Spain

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