The Alpacalypse

Ok, so I've been spending the last 5 minutes reading through alpaca puns trying to find something clever to use as a tilte. Turned out that was a little harder than I though as most of them were just hilarious but not suitable as titles. 

The Alpacalypse is the result of alpacas taking over the world, which kind of felt like the scenario when I recently held a workshop in the south of Norway and we ended up close to Lista Lighthouse. This area is filled with cute alpacas that are doing nothing but enjoying life and smiling in the sun. Quite the apocalypse. 


I often refer to myself as a Landscape Photographer but the facts are I do consider myself an Outdoor Photographer as I also love photographing wildlife and other subjects. The landscape around Lista Lighthouse is quite spectacular and the workshop attendees walked away with some great images. Yet, we all agreed that we couldn't leave without taking a few images of the peaceful alpacas that were happy to be models for us.


Clearly the alpacas had recently visited the hairdresser so it's a good thing that the sun was out for a while. It seemed like they enjoyed the sun, as you can see on the smiling friend above!


I'm heading out for another one-to-one workshop now so I hope you enjoyed these images and now alpaca my bags. (I just couldn't resist using that one...!) 

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