Storm at Pendueles

Spain isn't only sun, beer and beautiful girls. The winter in Northern Spain consists of a lot of rain, wind and grey. Adding these factors with the dramatic seascapes can create some really  moody images! 

After living close to one year in northern Spain, I realised that Spain isn't all about the beautiful weather, gorgeous señoritas and days at the beach. The weather changes a lot from summer to winter. Even tho it's still relatively warm in winter, compared to Norway at least, it is extremely wet and grey.

Since the weather is hard to predict in this area, you never know what you can expect when you go on a photography trip. The forecast can say sunny and warm, but in reality it is rain and a lot of wind. After a while I started to see that this weather wasn't necessarily a negative factor for my photography, in fact it was a positive thing! 

Combining the dramatic weather, with the dramatic seascape you can find along the coast of Northern Spain, led to very interesting images, that fully showed the landscape. Even tho I'm a sucker for beautiful sunrises and sunsets, these grey days can be just as great!     

Winter at Pendueles, Asturias

Winter at Pendueles, Asturias

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