Inspirational Photographer: Anne Schneidersmann

Every now and then I share the work of an artist that inspires me. The photographers are both amateurs and professional, and there is no criteria besides that the artists work is inspiring. Please link to any photographer that inspires you, and maybe this artist will be featured next time.


Anne's work has inspired me ever since I stumbled across here instagram account more then a year ago. Besides having a great eye for details and composition, she always captures a scene in it's best light. In my opinion Anne is one of the best out there to fully capture the light, and gives you the feeling of being right there in the image. 

I also admire here will to create something unique, even if this means climbing down dangerous cliffs and barely coming back up! I've said enough, so now I'll let her work speak for itself: 

Los Urros by Anne Schneidersmann

Los Urros by Anne Schneidersmann

Belvedere by  Anne Schneidersmann

Belvedere by Anne Schneidersmann

Early Rush Hour by  Anne Schneidersmann

Early Rush Hour by Anne Schneidersmann

Los Urros by  Anne Schneidersmann

Los Urros by Anne Schneidersmann

Reflective Art by  Anne Schneidersmann

Reflective Art by Anne Schneidersmann

To view more of Anne's stunning photography, view her on 500px, Facebook or Instagram

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