Panoramic View of Tempelseter

... and a hello to Ello! 

Understanding Ello

The last week I have been exploring the new social media, Ello.coAt first sight Ello seems very simple, clean and easy to use, which it also is. I am impressed by the high quality of the images uploaded, they don't tear the quality at all! Posting images almost feels like posting a blog. It is up to you if you want to have the text over or under the images, yes images! You can easily upload multiple photos, but all images appear under each other, theres no option to view them side by side. 

Next to Ello being a simple and nice place to share your work, the benefit of joining a new community this early, is the possibility of meeting great new talents that I've not before seen. One of these people I've met is Miroslav Petrasko, photographer and owner of and author of the very popular "Photographers to Follow on Ello". If you have an account on Ello, I strongly recommend to take a look at Miroslavs article to find some great inspiration! 

So, no more likes, no more comments and no more shares. Just comments and views! You can find me @choiberg so we can connect! 

Panorama View

Panorama of Tempelseter in Buskerud, Norway during a soft pink sunset

Panorama of Tempelseter in Buskerud, Norway during a soft pink sunset

Earlier this summer me and a friend went on a trip to Tempelseter. This beautiful area, located approximately 2 hours away from Oslo, was a much greater beauty then I anticipated! 
We went for a hours hike to view Ranten, a mountain located right behind me from this shot, during sunset. 

Plans often turns out different then intended. This sunset was supposed to be partly clouded, instead the clouds disappeared and the light didn't look really good on the mountain. Looking around me I discovered this view. Even tho the iconic mountain isn't here, this view brings tranquility to my soul!  

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