Panoramic View of Tempelseter

The last week I have been exploring the new social media, Ello.coAt first sight Ello seems very simple, clean and easy to use, which it also is. I am impressed by the high quality of the images uploaded, they don't tear the quality at all! Posting images almost feels like posting a blog. It is up to you if you want to have the text over or under the images, yes images! You can easily upload multiple photos, but all images appear under each other, theres no option to view them side by side. 

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Walking down memory lane

... and a quick intro on how to photograph waterfalls

It was one of those days I had the need to go out to photograph, but I had nothing planned and no idea where to go! The sun was warm, but went in and out of partly heavy clouds. Earlier that morning it had been raining, and I knew that the condition would turn out very good for photographing waterfalls. Thinking back to the days when I hiked the local areas with my dad, I remembered a spot I haven't been to in ages! 

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