Photographing on Isle of Skye

Spending 10 days photographing Isle of Skye

I've recently spent 10 days in the beautiful Scotland photographing. Guess what, the fact that i had no internet, or phone service did not bother me at all! Thats how great the landscape was! I went with my friend Nick Dautlich, a  UK landscape photographer, and we had a great time shooting together. 

Staffin Bay Sunset : f/8 SS 30 sec ISO100

We were photographing all over the Isle of Skye, shooting both sunrise and sunsets. The first day of shooting was sadly pretty bad, the location we went to was not photogenic, and none of us got any worthy shots.

The second day we went to Staffin Bay for sunset, a bay with a rocky beach, a sandy beach, cliffs and a river. Yes, it did have all the ingredients for a good night photographing!  The weather was not supposed to be any good for a sunset, no clouds at all. But clouds came fast before sunset, as it tended to do the next days too, and the sky turned into a beautiful orange making a great mood. 

Taking this shot i was standing with water to my mid leg, freezing cold. I did not seem to care about this, as the colours were getting better and better all the time.  

After the colours slowly started to fade into darkness, I turned around and saw that the sunset was far from over. Behind us the clouds were coloured in a light pink, making a perfect contrast to the powerful green moss on the rocks laying in the river.  

Staffin Bay Sunset : f/8 SS 1.6sec ISO100

Staffin Bay Sunset : f/8 SS 1.6sec ISO100

 We rushed over to the river, trying not to fall on the slippery rocks, to set up for the last shots of the night. I liked how the water was floating around the rocks, with the dark green from the water and the brighter green above it. This turned out to be a ok evening of shooting, despite the fact that the sunset was supposed to be boring. 


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