Social Media: The Online Punch Bag

Everyone is complaining - yet we have never been more online!

Lately I have noticed a trend on various social media and blogs. It seems to be a great way to engage and most people seem to fully agree with the thread starter. Complaining about how awful and bad all social media are has never been more popular! 

I can rarely go more than a day without seeing at least one post on Facebook where someone is complaining about the Facebook reach, the hierarchy of 500px or the "friends only featuring" on Instagram. While I was happily a part of these discussions in the beginning, I'm at this point tired of reading the same complaints over and over again. What exactly do you wish to achieve? 

Complainers change their complaints, but they never reduce the amount of time spent in complaining.
— Mason Cooley

Whether these posts are purely maid as click bate or is used as an easy way to get your friends and followers to engage on your posts I do not know, but I sincerely doubt that these Facebook Statuses an blog posts have any other goal than having a group of people agreeing with them. You see time after time that these posts have the power to engage, and "everyone" wants to join in on the discussions, where they time after time say exactly the same. 

Regardless of all the whining, social media has never been more popular. You share images or thoughts as never before, you engage in discussions or share funny videos with your friends. Most people are, myself included, addicted to Facebook or another platform. Few of us wants to admit this, and there is no end to all the excuses to why you have to use it, but we are addicted. Like it or not! When is the last time you went days without checking your latest uploaded picture, or seeing what your friends are up to, or just checking the messenger?

Even tho we obviously hate all social media, we still love it. 

Take 500px as a example. I have seen so many complaining in some way about how bad some of the popular pictures are and that their own shots are much better but never make it near the front page. Others are complaining about the Editor Choices and how stupid & corrupt it is, yet they are always proudly bragging to Facebook when one of their images are doing well or became Editors Choice. Isn't this a little two faced? Spending that much energy on complaining about 500px but as soon as your photo does good it's nothing but cheering. 

Now, I'm not saying that I don't agree with these complaints but I don't think whining through Facebook is the correct thing to do. At least not day after day. If you really want to make a difference, contact the support. Tell them what you would like to see improved. Sure, they might not care if one person sends a mail like this, but if all the people whining would send them a email rather than posting another status, maybe there would be changes. Maybe 500px would improve the pulse algorithm, or maybe Facebook would change their reach policy if thousands of people would be complaining directly to them. 


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