Autumn in Norway

Autumn in the Norwegian Mountains

Autumn has quickly grown to become my favorite time of the year to photograph. Ironically, I've been traveling and unable to photograph the Norwegian Autumn the previous years. This year, however, I was determined to finally capture this beautiful season home in Norway. 

After days of paying close attention to weather and various webcams I headed up towards Rondane National Park with my friend and fellow photographer Peter Lundqvist. Admittedly, I was a bit sceptic if we had timed our travel good or not, as there wasn't much signs of autumn even on the way up the mountain. 

Just as started the last climb up the mountains the trees slowly started to show more sign of autumn until I all of a sudden was surrounded by orange trees. This was looking promising! 

The next days Peter and I spent hiking and camping in and around Rondane National Park. Weather was much warmed than either of us had predicted and we could comfortably hike wearing t-shirts, which is not typical for this time of the year in Norway! 

Since the weather was warm during daytime and cold during the night (occasionally a touch of rain too) we were treated with some incredible conditions each morning.

Here's a small collection of my favorite images from this years autumn in Norway: 

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