3600 - Magazine Coverage

Interview and portfolio exposure in the online magazine 3600

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a local online magazine the other day. In the interview I talk a little about when and how I got into photography, my vision and my dreams. The article is in Norwegian, but if you want to see what I said, Google translate does an outstanding job! 

Next to the interview they also shared a collection of my local photography, as well as a couple from my travels around the world. The magazine focus on local people, culture and the history of Kongsberg. 

Here's a small excerpt translated into English:

When did you start photography and what was your first camera?
- I started taking photography serious for about 3 years ago, but it began back in 2007 when I bought a Olympus E-400. Today I use a Nikon D800.

- I love traveling and I love visiting new locations, but I recently realised that we have so much beautiful nature in Kongsberg, so I have really enjoyed spending more time exploring this area. It's great to take pictures of my hometown and brag about the beautiful spots we have" 

The article can be viewed in it's full on the websites of 3600.no .


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